Nicholas Lee for City Council

For the Future of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs


I’m Nicholas Lee, a local entrepreneur and college instructor.  I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for over 30 years graduating from Doherty High School and UCCS.  It’s been amazing watching the city grow over the years and I’m passionate about helping the city progress into the next era.

With a history of strong community involvement in nonprofit management and grassroots efforts to improve the city, I am now ready to represent the interests of Colorado Springs on City Council.

The motto of the next chapter of city government needs to be “collaboration”.  I have past experience collaborating with millennials and retired professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from engineering to higher education to small business.  I am committed to balancing the interests of all Colorado Springs residents while working with the Mayor and the rest of Council to ensure that the city’s most pressing issues are addressed responsibly.

Colorado Springs is an incredibly beautiful setting; the city and the citizens must work together to strategically address the infrastructure and economic concerns of Colorado Springs to ensure that our children inherit the city in a better condition than we find it today.


–Nicholas Lee