My Weird To-Do Workflow That Works For Me

I hate all to-do list apps and services that I’ve tried.  Over time I’ve developed a few small apps to help me keep track of reminders and to-do items that seems a little strange but it works pretty effectively. Here … Continue reading

Why We Should Legalize Marijuana in Colorado Springs – It’s Not About Marijuana

First, let’s establish about what this post is not. This post is not about one side of the marijuana legalization debate or the other. There’s ‘data’ to support both sides1. This debate has been hashed out (pun intended) again and … Continue reading

Complete Organizational Transparency

Just saw this on a job posting for a startup: Complete organizational transparency: If we give you an offer, we will share all employee and founder salaries, how much cash we have, projected revenue, and the many risks we face. … Continue reading

Daniel Epstein at UCCS – Some Quick Thoughts

I just listened to a talk by Daniel Epstein (Founder, Unreasonable Institute) at UCCS and wanted to get out some quick thoughts before I lose them… His entire presentation was great but what stood out to me the most was … Continue reading

GoCode Colorado Springs

I just finished watching the final presentations at GoCode Colorado Springs at Epicentral and I was impressed!  For those of you that don’t know, GoCode Colorado is a state-wide coding challenge designed to have people build purposeful apps using publicly … Continue reading

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