Here is a list of things that I watched/listened to/read this past week:


Fences –  My wife and I never have time to go to the movies. It’s one of the only things that I miss since having our daughter. Anyway, we did have time to see one so I poured over reviews to make sure that we saw a good one (I wanted to see “Arrival” but it’s not showing anywhere anymore).  Fences had incredible reviews so we went.  It was “good” but I found it kind of boring for some reason.  I later found out that it’s based on a play and that makes sense. The dialogue is really long and drawn out and literally the entire movie is just one scene of dialogue after another.  But, to give it credit, the dialogue is great and the performances are AMAZING (Viola Davis just won a Golden Globe for her performance–well deserved).

Finding Dory – I had never seen this before and we typically don’t let my daughter watch movies but this was a celebration for her first time using the potty!


Ready Player One – WOW! I never read fiction but I got this for Christmas and read it pretty much non-stop.  It’s incredible for anyone who’s into technology.


TONS of podcasts. I don’t have a way to track what I’m listening to yet so my goal is to build that real quick.  I have tiny web app that I developed to track the books and movies that I watch/read but I don’t have podcasts on there yet. Coming Soon…

Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments.